ISO 9001 Certified in ESG Reporting and Climate Policy Advisory

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Established in 2016, GreenCo is a professional ESG advisory firm accredited with ISO 9001 in ESG Reporting and Climate Policy Advisory Services. We are members of sustainability associations such as GRI Community and Business Environment Council for years, and our professional consulting group is committed to truly high quality and tailor-made ESG advisory services.

Our ESG Advisory Services

We provide guidance on ESG-related data collection, identify ways of improvement on data reporting, advise on the development of reporting framework, assist in drafting the content of ESG report in compliance with various ESG Reporting Guides including HKEx listing rule Appendix 27, GRI, SGX’s sustainability reporting guide etc.

Our team includes qualified assurance experts and CPA (practising), allowing us providing all-round assurance and verification on ESG related matters such as compliance with specific framework and compliance of emisssion calculation in accordance with GHG protocal.

We help you engage the stakeholders, conduct materiality assessment, review the sustainability status and conclude their expectation on environmental issues and social development of the enterprise in order to help you make modification accordingly and gain long-term profits.

To help companies collect and process a large number of various types of ESG information more conveniently, GreenCo has successfully developed and launched a new ESG Portal for the digital management of ESG data, which is one of the first digital ESG data platforms in Hong Kong that can be customized according to individual company’s needs.

We can provide regular training and ESG performance review conferences to increase the awareness of latest requirements in ESG and keep ESG committees updated on industry and company specific ESG matters.

Assist fund managers to fulfill ESG related disclosures requirements such as UNPRI, climate risk disclsoures as required by SFC.

Assist our clients in building complete ESG strategy, target setting and provide support in execution.

Provide solid support in preparation and publication ESG acheivements and compaigns in Asia and also globally. Assist our ESG positive clients to enhance brand awareness by ESG marketing. Support our clients in fulfilling the requirements and prepare documentation in award and certification application.

GreenCo’s Research and Insights

GreenCo Encourages the F&B Industry to Prepare in Advance for Hong Kong’s MSW Charging Scheme

Hong Kong's MSW Charing Scheme will take effect from 1 April 2024. This going to bring significant impacts on businesses, especially for the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry. The F&B companies could collaborate with professional consultants to establish effective tailored waste management strategies.

GreenCo Completes an ESG Report for a Non-listed Company, Paving the Way for Emerging ESG Trends

In recent years, private companies have started to be aware of the increasing importance of ESG in the market. With growing demands on ESG-related disclosure from both the government and the general public, there is a potential for changes in laws and regulations, which may impact a company’s readiness towards relevant disclosures.


We are committed to helping our clients in achieving high ESG scores

Testimonials and Clients’ Recognition

GreenCo’s team possess good technical knowledge and project management skills. They deliver top quality work well within tight timeframe. They also have great communication with clients.

Sustainability Director, a famous Gaming company in Macau

GreenCo’s team is helpful and always provides prompt responses. They have demonstrated professionalism in sharing valuable insight in ESG development.

Corporate Communications Director, a well-known chain Food and Beverage company in Hong Kong

We appreciate the competence and professionalism GreenCo’s team demonstrated during the preparation and delivery of the workshop and the analysis.

Group HR and Communications Director, a well-established chemical manufacturing company originated from China


  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • ESG Reporting and Disclosure
  • Sustainable ESG Reporting System Building
  • Employee Management, Supply Chain Improvement and Risk Management

  • Carbon Audit and Management

  • Effective Communication with Institutional Investors
  • Report Assurance

  • ESG Online Data


  • International Guidelines / References on ESG Reporting

  • Calculation Methods for Environmental KPIs
  • ESG Resource Providers / ESG Initiatives

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