In view of the increasing trend of independent assurance requirements of sustainability reports in various countries, it has been gaining more concerns regarding the credibility of the ESG data collected and disclosed.

In early preparation to meet the requirements of the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX), GreenCo has helped equipped one of the leading technological consultancy firms listed in Singapore to build a ESG Data Collection Portal which is customised based on their own needs.

We believe with a more comprehensive data base built based on the Portal outcome, it will allow the opportunity for further analysis including the incorporation of other analytic tools such as the use of Business Intelligence Tools.

About GreenCo

GreenCo is a professional ESG advisory firm accredited with ISO 9001 in ESG Reporting and Climate Policy Advisory Services. We are members of sustainability associations such as GRI Community and Business Environment Council for years, and our professional consulting group is committed to designing and producing tailor-made ESG advisory services.

GreenCo has a professional team consists of talents with multiple backgrounds including ESG investment, environmental management, environmental chemistry, earth system science and environmental impact assessment. We have been investing abundant amount of resources in establishing digitalized ESG solutions, developing ESG data base as well as setting up our internal quality management system thereby showing our commitment in striving for continuous improvement. GreenCo has solid track record in ESG advisory for over 60 listed companies in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Singapore and Korea, covering all industries under the Hang Seng Industry Classification System.