In recent years, private companies have started to be aware of the increasing importance of ESG in the market. With growing demands on ESG-related disclosure from both the government and the general public, there is a potential for changes in laws and regulations, which may impact a company’s readiness towards relevant disclosures. Recently, GreenCo assisted a non-listed company in preparing its inaugural ESG Report in accordance with the requirements of the Main Board Listing Rules of HKEX, to proactively embrace the emerging ESG trends.

GreenCo Completes an ESG Report for a Non-listed Company

Our collaboration with the company involved conducting a materiality assessment to identify its most material ESG issues. As a newcomer to the ESG landscape, materiality assessment played a vital role in guiding the allocation of the company’s capital and resources. This enabled them to prioritise areas that require immediate attention and investment.

We believe that an ESG Report serves as a pivotal tool for demonstrating the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices. It also represents a significant step towards integrating sustainable development into its management system and daily operations.

Why GreenCo?

GreenCo has obtained ISO 9001 Certification in ESG Advisory

Our expertise and rich experience in different industries enable us to provide the most professional and best quality support in ESG management and disclosure. Since 2016, we have honorably served a lot of listed companies (including famous names), companies going for an IPO and private companies eager to establish ESG policy driven by their famous global clients. Thanks to our team’s enthusiasm in ESG and pursuit of innovative solutions, we are proud to be able to compete with first tier global consulting firms in the local market.

We help our clients in

  • ESG / sustainability reporting
  • Stakeholder engagement and data handling
  • ESG policy/performance enhancement
  • Materiality analysis
  • Assist the board of directors in climate issues analysis
GreenCo, A Trusted ESG and Sustainability Advisory Firm

GreenCo, A Trusted ESG and Sustainability Advisory Firm