ESG Target Setting

In December 2019, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange has issued its consultation conclusions on proposals to enhance the Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) Reporting Guide and related Listing Rules. Under the new ESG Reporting requirements, which have already been applying to the listed firms for financial years commencing on or after 1 July 2020, what may trip up most issuers in meeting the requirements is the challenge of setting and revealing its development targets concerning sustainability as the latest listing rules expressly require the disclosure of targets for KPIs A1.5 (emission targets), A1.6 (reduction targets), A2.3 (energy use efficiency targets) and A2.4 (water efficiency targets) on a “comply or explain” basis in the ESG Reporting Guide. 

Through professional tools and based on the latest theories including climate science, GreenCo Sustainability Team helps you set appropriate targets in emissions reduction, waste management, energy efficiency, water stewardship and other sustainability-related aspects with “SMART” approach:

  • Specific – What specifically do you want to achieve?

  • Measurable – How will you know when you have achieved the target?

  • Attainable – Is it something you have control over and can actually achieve?

  • Relevant – How applicable is the target to your business and does it align with existing strategies?

  • Time bound – By when do you want to achieve your goal?

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