The Green Bond Principles (GBP) are voluntary process guidelines that provide recommendations on transparency and disclosure and promote integrity in the development of the Green Bond market by clarifying the method for issuance of a Green Bond. The GBP set a standard and clear process and establish an information disclosure framework for issuers, so that investors, banks, underwriters, placement agents and others have a better understanding of the characteristics of any given Green Bond.

Interpretation of Green Bond Principles & Certification Process

  • Identify Qualified Green Projects and Assets

  • Find and Arrange Independent Verifier and Verification Process

  • Track the Proceeds

  • Issurance of a Green Bond

  • Monitor the Use of Proceeds and Publish Annual Reports

Source:Climate Bonds Initiative(2019

Relying on its years’ experience in sustainability industry and talent pool, GreenCo ESG Advisory Limited is versed in Assurance engagements other than audits or reviews of historical financial information – ISAE 3000, Quality Management System – ISO 9001 and Greenhouse gases — Requirements for greenhouse gas validation and verification bodies for use in accreditation or other forms of recognition – ISO 14065, and has rich experience in practical operations of the application of these guidelines and standards. We are fully capable of adhering to the four core elements in Green Bond Principles, providing issuers with guidance on the key components involved in launching a credible Green Bond, assisting our clients to identify, analyse, evaluate and organize data about the projects and assets that align with the low carbon and climate resilient development concept, and helping issuers to obtain the Certification of relevant green bonds by offering complete advisory services.

GreenCo ESG Advisory Limited has strong capability to provide issuers with advisory services in the issuance of green bonds, assisting issuers to seek certification ahead of issuance, and to meet post-issuance requirements, which need to be followed by issuers who are to seek continued certification after the issuance of the bond in a standard manner according to the latest requirements of Climate Bonds Standard, Sector-Specific Criteria that provides detailed eligibility criteria for different sectors, and Green Bond Principles. Specifically, we are committed to ensuring that the issuer prior to issuance of the green bond has established appropriate internal processes and controls, and that these internal processes and controls are sufficient to enable conformance with the Climate Bonds Standards after the bond has been issued and allocation of the proceeds is underway, and the issuer at the post-issuance phase has consistently been in line with the requirements of Green Bond Principles and other realted standards in terms of Nominated Projects & Assets, Use of Proceeds, Non-Contamination of Proceeds, Confidentiality, Technical Criteria, etc.

GreenCo ESG Advisory Limited

Green Bond Advisory Service

  • Identify and evaluate projects/assets that meet the relevant sector criteria

  • Organise supporting materials in accordance with the Green Bond Principle, such as green bond information form and certification application or agreement

  • Create a Green Bond Framework setting out the use of proceeds for the bond

  • Assist issuers by providing solutions in both pre-issuance and post-issuance certification process

  • Engage with an Approved Verifier for the verification process and generation of the Verifier’s report

  • Prepare annual report reflecting the bond’s compliance with the requirements of the green bonds standards

Scope of Green Assets & Projects

The key charateristic of green bonds is that the proceeds will be exclusively applied to green assets or projects. GreenCo ESG Advisory Limited can assist our clients in the issurance of green bonds by providing consulting services in many areas, including but not limited to:

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