As environmental, social, and governance factors are now considered critical indicators of a company’s long-term sustainability and value creation potential, ESG reporting has become an increasingly important aspect of corporate transparency and accountability. However, without proper due diligence and data monitoring, ESG reporting can easily become a box-ticking exercise that fails to capture the true impact of a company’s activities.

As one of most effective ways to ensure the accuracy and completeness of ESG reporting, sites visits involve physically inspecting a company’s operations, facilities, and supply chain to review their performance in terms of environmental, social, and governance aspects. These visits provide crucial insights into a company’s operations, enabling ESG consultants to identify potential risks and opportunities that might not be visible through other channels.

Site visits also help to build trust and credibility with investors and other stakeholders. By demonstrating a commitment to transparency and accountability, companies may enhance their reputation and improve their access to capital. Moreover, site visits also open up opportunities for the company to identify areas of improvement enabling it to stay align with emerging best practices.

We understand that site visits can be challenging to conduct, especially for companies operating in multiple locations, thus we consider having local offices can be highly beneficial in regards of costs, time and communication concerns.

At this moment, headquarter in Hong Kong, GreenCo is having offices in Shanghai and Singapore as well to enable consultation activities including site visits to be conducted more easily and efficiently, as well as helping to build relationships and establish a deeper understanding of the local context.

Shanghai Office

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Oversea Office Shanghai

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