Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholders are defined as entities or individuals that can reasonably be expected to be significantly affected by the reporting organization’s activities, products, or services; or whose actions can reasonably be expected to affect the ability of the organization to implement its strategies or achieve its objectives (Source: GRI Standards 2018). An efficient and science-based process of stakeholder inclusiveness functions as a powerful tool to enterprises for understanding the reasonable expectations and concerns of its important stakeholders, which is believed as one of the principles for defining the sustainability report content in which topics around corporate sustainability need to be prioritised. A multi–stakeholder dialogue about corporate social responsibility, effective environmental protection, healthy economic growth and robust sustainability governance within the organisation constitutes the main intersection of organization and external environment, including market volatility, climate change, accelerating regulatory pressure and so on. 

GreenCo believes that a quality and decision useful ESG report and sustainability management can only be achieved should a mature system and open platform where stakeholders can communicate their interests in a more efficient manner that allows companies to better recognize social responsibility within its sphere of influence.

  • Clear articulation of the purpose for engagement

  • Identification of stakeholders’ interests

  • Evaluation of the relationship between the organisation and its stakeholders

  • Sustainability-themed interests of stakeholders are present

  • Transparent means for information collection on which decisions of stakeholders are based

GreenCo assists our clients to complete and improve their stakeholder engagement process by providing services covering

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