A quality Stakeholder Engagement programme demonstrates a commitment to building meaningful relationships with diverse stakeholders, fostering open communication, and creating shared value. 

Comprehensive Stakeholder Mapping

Thorough Identification: Conducts a thorough analysis to identify and prioritize relevant stakeholders, considering both internal and external parties that impact or are impacted by the organization.

Appropriate Questions and Topics:

In stakeholder engagement project, GreenCo designs carefully the online questionnaires or engagement survey by making reference to SASB Framework for the company in a specific industry. The flow and logic are carefully designed to fulfil the objectives of stakeholder engagement.

Technology Integration

GreenCo utilizes innovative technologies and digital platforms for stakeholder engagement, providing convenient and accessible ways for stakeholders to connect and interact. For example, an interactive form that supports desktop and mobile platforms like our enquiry tool is used.

What is Materiality Assessment?

Identification of Material Issues: GreenCo conducts materiality assessments to identify and prioritise issues that are most relevant and significant to both the organization and its stakeholders.

What can be done for even better stakeholder engagement to collect inspiring ideas? The answer is interviews and face-to-face discussions.

Online surveying has become one of the common ways in conducting stakeholder engagement. Phone interviews and virtual meetings facilitate deeper communication with focused groups and stakeholders to share more. From our consultancy experience, the best ideas usually come from the interview process but not from the standard questionnaire.  In a structured and prepared interview with proper follow-up questions, we can collect useful information on their key concerns and suggestions.

GreenCo believes that a quality ESG report and solid sustainability management framework can only be achieved where stakeholders can communicate their interests in a more efficient manner that allows companies to better recognise social responsibility within its sphere of influence.

GreenCo assists our clients to complete and improve their stakeholder engagement process by providing services covering


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