GreenCo recently completes a Materiality Assessment for a well-known local construction company which provides wide ranged construction-related services to a broad spectrum of clients. Throughout the project, we assessed the company’s context and developed a list of ESG-related topics. In order to identify each topic’s level of significance to the company, we designed and distributed online questionnaires to selected stakeholders. Their ratings on the topics were analysed, prioritised and formulated into a Materiality Matrix to illustrate the resulting scores.

Moreover, we understand that views from external stakeholders are elemental to illustrate a clearer picture on the company’s ESG performance. Therefore, we arranged interviews with the company’s external stakeholders to gain deeper understanding of their views. After plotting the Materiality Matrix and organising stakeholders’ opinions on specific ESG issues, we can set a threshold to determine the material ESG-related topics to the company.

With the increasing needs on a more comprehensive description in delivering a proper disclosure of the process and results of Materiality Assessment, we aim to let clients to be at ease in determining ESG issues that are important and should be disclosed, thus to be well-prepared for the rapid changing business environment and plan ahead for future operations.

Disclaimer: The ESG news and analysis cannot be relied upon to cover specific situations and the information in the news and analysis is not suggested to be used without obtaining specific professional advice. Greenco and its directors, employees and agents do not accept or assume any liability or duty of care for any loss arising from any action taken or not taken by anyone in reliance upon the information in this news and analysis or for any decision based on it.
免責聲明: 本ESG分析不能用作涵蓋特定情況且不建議在未獲得專業建議的情況下使用其中的信息。勤創永續及其董事、員工和代理人對由於任何人依賴本分析中的信息而採取或不採取的任何行動所造成的任何損失不承擔任何責任或義務。