Domestic ESG News

  • Escape the bad air: Hong Kong scientist develops an App that lets users plan routes to avoid pollution

A Hong Kong scientist has developed a route-planning mobile app with a difference – it directs users through areas with the lowest levels of air pollution. Users will be able to assess health risks from exposure to air pollution in different areas based on the information from the App.


  • Nearly 580 billion Taiwan New Dollars of loans in the billing industry will also be included in ESG principles

The Taiwan FSC announced on 27 July that it has requested the Securities Association to formulate relevant self-discipline standards. In the future, eight domestic securities companies will also incorporate ESG principles into their credit or investment business, and assess whether customers are doing their best to protect the environment and social responsibility.


  • Regional gap and the trend of green finance development in China

An academic paper published on 24 July 2021 analysed and showed its findings of the regional gap, spatial pattern, and the trend evolution of China’s green finance development. The research discovered:

  • the overall development index of green finance in China is on the rise, but its overall level is not high;
  • the overall regional gap is on the decline, and the inter-regional gap is the main source of the development gap of green finance in the country;
  • the development of green finance shows a polarisation trend, characterised by a ladder;
  • distribution of initially east China, central China, west China, and then northeast China;
  • the development of green finance in China shows a club convergence phenomenon.


Global ESG News

  • UK government backs scheme for motorway cables to power lorries

The UK government will fund (£2m) the design of a scheme to install overhead electric cables to power electric lorries on a motorway near Scunthorpe, as part of a series of studies on how to decarbonise road freight. This study is one of several options that will be funded, along with a study of hydrogen fuel cell trucks and battery electric lorries.


  • Mayor touts $935K in restitution for workers deprived of sick leave by two food companies — one at the centre of Burke scandal

Tri-City Foods has violated its labour laws with employees deprived of paid sick leave and were forced to either drag themselves to work even when they were sick or stay home without pay.


  • Climate activists challenge Britain’s support of North Sea oil and gas producers

Environmental campaigners claim that the government’s support of North Sea oil and gas companies conflicted with its plans to slash the country’s carbon emissions by 2050.


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