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Company Introduction

Montrose Environmental Group, Inc. is an environmental services provider. It offers clients and communities analytical services as well as comprehensive, environmental resiliency and sustainability solutions. Their deep, local expertise and regulatory insight helps turn industry’s unavoidable expenses into valuable corporate assets.

Materiality Assessment

Environmental, social and governance concept has been deeply integrated into the Company’s operations, and it is this integration that results in the effective management and prioritisation of ESG matters within the Company. Montrose believes that by prioritising and identifying the material ESG affairs, it can “simultaneously enhance Montrose’s value proposition to customers, drive long-term value and benefit all stakeholders, and continue to strengthen its management teams and Board of Directors.”

The formation of an ESG working group that is comprised of members from both internal departments and external advisors is the highlight and foundation of the Company in pinpointing material ESG issues. Specifically, a four-step approach has been adopted by Montrose in identifying the ESG risks and opportunities specific and material to the Company.

In determining the important ESG factors to Montrose’s business, as well as its stockholders and stakeholders, a stakeholder assessment has been carried out which can be split into ESG framework analysis that references the most commonly used ESG frameworks by stockholders for the extraction and evaluation of key factors, investor analysis that assesses its stockholder base and policies as prioritised by its investors, best disclosure practices that focuses on the research about the best way to communicate its ESG policies and actions, and internal feedback that listens to its employees’ feedback for impact analysis.

According to the results based on the ESG diagnostic and stakeholder assessment, the ESG issues that matter most Montrose include Professional Integrity, Health & Safety, Talent Development, Diversity, Fairness & Inclusion, Environmental Impact for Clients, Cybersecurity & Data Privacy, Corporate Governance, and Environmental Impact of Operations.

As for data collection and verification, both qualitative and quantitative information relating to its actions should be provided by internal stakeholders, and the external independent party has been engaged by using the assurance standards including “ISO-14064-Part 3: Specification with Guidance for the Verification and Validation of Greenhouse Gas Statements” to provide a limited level of assurance.


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For detailed and complete information, please refer to Page 8 – 10 of the ESG Report 2021 – Industry in Nature of Montrose Environmental.

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